eco friendly

Eco-Friendly Initiatives - Sustainable Community Actions

The unique challenge of rallying individuals who are not activists around an ecological issue is that the issue may not always feel imminent.

Raising Money For

  • Lobbying & Promotion Of Laws
  • Educational Initiatives
  • Rehabilitation After Disasters
  • Projects that require equipment or construction
  • Rehabilitation after disasters (Fires, oil leaks, etc.)

The Charidy Magic Touch

Charidy’s expertise and infectious productive attitude have both repeatedly proven the abilities we have to infuse ecological fundraising campaigns along with a much-needed urgency. Through tried and true methods, we will give you the tools required to mobilize your community around long-term issues that may not always feel immediate or urgent. When a local oil spill or forest fire requires immediate funds to mitigate a looming disaster, Charidy will be there to help you through the twists and turns to get your community behind what matters right now.

Fundraising levels

International campaigns
$500K - $1M
$250K- $500K
Local campaign
$100K - $250K